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P2K NEWS - Vortex Optics Tour

Vortex Optics Tour

Vortex Optics invited Dennis and his Performance Group to Wisconsin to tour their facility. Vortex has taken the industry by storm with their aggressive and innovative marketing, customer service and world class VIP lifetime warranty!

Arriving at their showroom, Dennis and his group were impressed with the width of the product line and the way they were displayed. Beginner to Military Grade, there is an optic for every category and add red dot sights and you are covered!

After the meet and greet, we met more of their warm and professional staff. Passionate about their products and company, it was incredible to listen to their perspective on why they love their working environment and coworkers. Truly like a big happy family!

2 large campuses make up 1 Vortex Lane. Several hundred thousand square feet divided production, quality control, shipping and receiving, classified labs, office space and ranges!

Vortex offers training in their range facility including a 100 yard indoor range, simunitions shoot house, digital virtual training room and other live fire ranges. All the factory representatives, law enforcement agencies and military units can attend optic training from mounting to improving target acquisition!

Walking through production, we were able to see a solid block of aluminum transformed into an optic housing with the center tube and large bells on the outsides. Vortex performs all the machining, engraving, finishing into a state-of-the-art product! The testing facility submits all models of optics to vigorous sampling replicating the recoil of high-power rifles and even Tactical SCAR Rifles. Over and over again until they are convinced there will be no problems.

Quality control is performed again and again. A final check is performed before packaging.

In almost every area, Vortex is the largest Firearm Optic designer and manufacturer on the planet!

Overall, the tour was exceptional! The Vortex Showroom is open to the public if you’re ever in the area.

If you just want to stay local, P2K offers several models of Vortex Optics and Sights and after the factory visit our insight can really make a difference in selecting the right tool for your job!

Performance Group at Vortex
Dennis at Vortex
Vortex Showroom
Simunitions Training Facility
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