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P2K NEWS - Real World Shotgun Review

P2K's Real World Shotgun Basics gets you moving in the right direction for defensive shotgun or competition techniques.

If you are new to the working of a defensive or tactical shotgun, this class is designed for you!

Eric T. is P2K’s Master Instructor and has developed a multi level curriculum to bring shooters up in skill each course and instill your confidence in manipulation, target acquisition, malfunction corrections and marksmanship.

The Real World Shotgun Basics Course includes everything, all you need to do is show up and learn!

Upon completion of this course you meet the prerequisite for the practical course. A building block on the basic foundation.

Many of the students have commented on how confident they feel when they complete Real World Shotgun.

Jason K’s Review

I came here for a real world shotgun class which lasted about two hours. The head instructor was a special operations military veteran for over two decades, and our co-instructor (female) was an Olympic shooting competitor. A beautiful woman who is an elite level firearms competitor and enthusiast? I fell in love instantly. Both of them were super knowledgeable, friendly, and provided top notch instruction. I learned a ton in both the classroom and actual live fire sections. They have similar classes for rifles and pistols, and I would recommend anyone interested in firearms training to take one of these classes.

Thanks Jason! 

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