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P2K NEWS - Precision Rifle 1 Course

Getting the most out of your scoped rifle challenges many shooters. Learning to shoot at distance takes practice and patience.

Get a jump on the learning curve and understand the fundamentals of precision rifle shooting.

P2K’s Precision Rifle 1 Course starts with safety and gear inspection and evaluation.

Bolt or auto? This topic will keep you thinking and performing your best with either platform.

We will cover shooting position basics and advantages, the importance of proper barrel care and cleaning, rifle zero and what affects it.

Proper precision shooting is eliminating the variables and you will have a complete overview your optic, gear set up, ammunition, trigger manipulation and shooting form.

Live fire will follow with specific exercises to improve your shot groups.

Be prepared for a review of target results and possible corrections

Class space is limited and your rifle with optic is required with forty rounds of ammunition.

Check calendar (click here) for dates and times or click here to register.


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