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P2K has partnered with many major firearms manufacturers to offer the largest California Compliant Rental Fleet in the state today.

The “Try before you buy” moniker takes on a different meaning when you can literally try every model or caliber of handgun available on the California market today. 

P2K’s Rifle Selection covers many genres allowing you to find your favorite. Weather you have that special video game action tool or you want to hunt or plink, our selection makes it easier to make up your mind on what is best for you. 

If your new to shooting, a rifle offers three points of contact to give better control and an invigorating experience. Rifles in mild to heart pounding calibers will satisfy any adrenaline junkie! Open sights to magnified optics for a true variety.

P2K’s Handgun Selection is huge! Revolvers to Automatics in almost every caliber. Shoot the gun from your favorite action movie or the one that won the west! Almost every shape and size in all popular calibers and you get to choose! Yes, they are like potato chips and you just can’t have one! Open sights, night sights and lasers are available to enhance your experience. Go ahead and make your day! 

P2K’s Shotgun Selection has no rival! From tactical to sporting styles, we cover it! Sub gauges starting at 28 up to full 12 gauges, you have a true variety to experience. If you want to hunt or break clays you have the option to select a pump, break or automatic action. Several models are national medal winners and world medal winners allowing you to shoot like a true champion! 

Tactical Shotguns from pump to automatic in 20 & 12-gauge models are the same recognized brand names used by the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement today! You can find the best one for your defensive needs and get a rush annihilating your target at the same time! You can shoot slugs, buckshot or target ammunition on our indoor range and really feel the difference! 

Whatever your shooting desires or passion is, we have a firearm rental that should satisfy your urge! Come on in today. 


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P2K Firearm Rental News
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