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P2K NEWS - Military Vehicle Show

P2K’s first military vehicle show was a hit!

P2K welcomed our local Army Recruiters in with the mix.

Military vehicles from all over the county arrived and set up for display in the south parking lot.

Vehicles represented different eras of military service and missions. In the mix was a post-world war two  M38 Jeep with communication radios, a Ma Deuce 50 caliber Browning Replica, pioneer kit and a nice little M3 Submachine Gun or commonly referred to as a “grease Gun”  

A Stewart & Stevenson M1094 LVAD Dump Truck in desert tan was also on the block and ready to fill its 5-ton payload as needed. The LVAD is air droppable and can have a 50 Caliber Browning mounted in a turret on the top of the cab. The six-wheel drive is amazing to see how heavy duty everything is built.

A 792 Condec Gama Goat (Goes Over Any Terrain) six-wheel amphibious articulated truck also was present and reminded us all of how odd some of the Vietnam era vehicles were and revolutionary or delusionary depending on your point of view. Over fifteen thousand of these trucks were made in a little over four years and they have proven to be able to climb almost any terrain with a capable operator. This GOAT served in the US Marines as an Ambulance and moved to a Sheriff’s Department for search and rescue. Diesel powered and runs on front wheel drive or can have six wheel selected with a transfer case and steers from both front and rear wheels for a super tight turning radius.

A M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) with a 6.2 Diesel and outfitted in a 4 man configuration. These vehicles have over thirty years of service in every corner of the globe. This Humvee features a NATO Camouflage CARC paint scheme, soft top and doors, a front brush guard and bead lock tires. Full-time four-wheel drive with a transfer case and an automatic transmission. A rugged workhorse that climb a twenty-four-inch stair with no problem.

A M1083A1 Troop Transport and Cargo Carrier made the trek from Vista and looked fantastic. Future plans are to convert into a go anywhere recreational vehicle. These Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) have supported, transferred troops, gear and fill a host of other mission parameters in every type of terrain. The CAT C7 diesel and Allison automatic transmission pushed through a transfer case make this a respectable off road, rough terrain conqueror. The air ride cab carries three seats with the center seat for a roof turret mounted weapons platform.

712 Pinzgauer is a Swiss and Austrian combat mobility all terrain vehicle with six wheel drive and can carry a driver and passenger with ten troops in the cargo troop area. The Pinz had several iterations for different missions with drivetrain upgrades from the air cooled four cylinder to a robust turbo diesel engine. This 712 features roll up canvas covers for summer fun and lockers that can be activated on the fly for both front and rear axles.

A1078 Stewart and Stevenson full outback camper conversion for the zombie apocalypse was on display and was utterly amazing. Converted from a two-and-a-half-ton cargo LMTV and self-contained for any location in the world. The 1078 had full amenities and has real world experience off road in sand and rocky terrain. Quality beamed from the custom build and craftmanship to the engineering with many problem-solving equations brought into the mix. Storage, comfort and overall design gave this retired military vehicle a super WOW! Factor.

P2K has another Military Vehicle Show scheduled August 24, 2019. Please keep an eye out for further details.

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