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P2K NEWS - How to Buy Ammunition in California 2018

How to buy ammunition in California in 2018

Step 1: Go to P2K

Step 2: Ask for Ammunition

Step 3: Buy Ammo (All you want) 

Step 4: Enjoy Ammo! 


Yes. Everyone is confused about current California Ammunition Laws. 

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018 any individual with the intent of selling 500 (+) rounds of ammo during any given month is obligated to obtain and a business license issued by California.

All Ammunition Sales must be conducted Face to Face.

Ammunition sales are restricted to guns show and specified locations of business with a proper Ammunition Vendor License.

The DOJ will issue an Ammunition Vendor License to those that have completed the required documents along with a certificate of eligibility (COE) issued after passing background checks.

All ammunition employees are required to complete necessary paperwork, including a COE.

Online ammunition purchases must be delivered to a licensed vendor for face-to-face delivery to the purchased. To receive the package, the purchaser must have passed a background check. And Record of Ammunition Sales at Vendor.

Starting July 1, 2019, licensed ammunition vendors are obligated to record, keep, and report all sales to the DOJ.

Records will be kept confidential except for law enforcement reasons. 

Background checks are not required for individuals who purchase ammunition at a shooting range so long as said ammunition does not leave the facility.

Ammunition on display at all retail locations in California must be kept in closed containers, unless being inspected by a prospective buyer with the assistance of the vendor or an employee.

No individual may possess both a firearm if its corresponding ammunition at the same time unless that individual is a police officer.

Ammunition on display must be kept in a sealed container out of consumers reach.

Ammunition may only be accessible to a purchaser if the vendor or an employee to there to assist the potential buyer.

Ammunition can also not be driven across state lines. 

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