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P2K NEWS - First Annual FMG Masters

P2K hosted the first FMG Master's on September 10th. FMG's Staff represented well on all of the ranges.

This group of editors, accountants, writers, principals and Roy the "Maintenance Man" competed in a soft three gun event and all of the scores were very close. Roy, Jade and Raymond earned their first, second and third spots respectively and won prestigious prizes from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, LaserMax and MKS.

All of the competitors shot a variety of handguns, heated up the barrels on the ARs and broke several hundred clay targets on the shotgun sports ranges. Generous sponsors supported all of the shooters including Streamlight, Howard Leight Safety, MKS Supply and the National Shooting sports Foundation.

Russ and Randy provided participant supervision and ensured the coffee had the correct amount of cream and sugar.

 Following the awards ceremony, FMG presented P2K Range the "Six Star Range" award printed on real paper and elegantly framed. P2K Range thanks all of the participants in the first FMG Masters!


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