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P2K NEWS - Dennis at SHOT SHOW 2016

As the National Shooting Sports Foundation designed the curriculum for their Retailer Seminars and SHOT Show University, one of their primary points of focus is on that of ATF Compliance. Shooting range operators, though, also need to be well informed on compliance, regulations and planning related to OSHA—Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
NSSF saw the need for a SHOT Show University learning track devoted to this area. So, in addition to several other components, those taking part in the Range Development learning track will participate in the presentation “Avoid OSHA Hell with the Right Book.” Presented by industry veteran Dennis Rohman, Manager of P2K Range in El Cajon, California, this discussion will focus on what today’s shooting range owners and operators need to do to keep their customers and staff healthy and their ranges environmentally safe through planning that works to avoid the costly fines associated with OSHA inspection failures.
Backed by more than 30 years in the firearms industry, Rohman is a U.S. veteran who took the reins of P2K more than a decade ago. A multi-purpose hybrid facility that includes multiple shotgun sports ranges, law enforcement training ranges, indoor ranges (the first 100 yard indoor commercial range)and an expansive retail presence that sees annual foot traffic surpassing 130,000 patrons. An avid competitive shooter who also hunts, Rohman developed his highly successful business operations to accommodate families, corporations and new shooters, and he maintains a large staff that is 80-percent female. Rohman has covered other critical industry topics in the past and will raise the bar with this learning track.

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