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P2K NEWS - Carbine Class Overview

Carbine Class Overview

P2K’s Carbine Class is a welcome addition to California’s monumental firearm restrictions. Using the tools that are available in a real-world environment is a challenge but doable. Eric T took the lead in explaining some of the existing laws and keeping your carbine in compliance.

As you participate in the classroom from topics on ammunition management, magazine use and reloading you get a better understanding on fight or flight and how your carbine can be a hammer in protecting your family and loved ones. You get a complete overview on how the carbine used properly can give you the upper hand in almost every situation.

After the classroom portion of the course, it was out to the range for live fire exercises offhand with stance adjustments by Eric. Developing great marksmanship skills and proper sight alignment was the focus with about forty rounds being sent downrange at multiple targets.

By completing this class, the other levels and skill builders are open to develop increased marksmanship skills and confidence.

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