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P2K NEWS - Acusport Business Conference 2017

Dennis attended the 2017 Acusport Business Conference and Product Shoot in Fort Worth, Texas this week. 

Spending a day on the range with new and Non-California Compliant Products was spectacular. 

Dennis was able to try the newest Glock Generation 5, Springfield Armory XDE, H&K P30’s, a host of silencers, new aftermarket drop in triggers, the latest ammunition technology, Armscor 22 TCM 1911 and so much more! It was awesome!  

Keynote speakers presented in depth views on the shooting sports, hunting and new shooter needs and perceptions. Linking experiences from mobile, computer and real life was a focus as today’s generation lives life differently from previous generations. Our industry is growing at a fast pace and blending technology with true life activities is the way of the future and P2K is learning how to maximize the concept.

Speakers included Paco Underhill, Eric Feinberg, Jim Broering, Bill Frame and Donald Trump Jr

Their combined perspectives and passion for the Second Amendment lifestyle was refreshing and inspiring. Top notch is how to describe it. 

Manufacturers had booths in the main hall and displayed the latest additions to their product line. Brand presentations happened hourly and many of the features were explained in a no-nonsense format that was easy to absorb and bring back to P2K’s Staff and our shooters. 

 A 5000 Square foot concept shooting sports retail store was set up and allowed everyone to immerse in the unique new culture shopping experience firsthand.  Colors, signage, technology and overall feel was a very positive experience and P2K discovered many new conceptual ideas. 

Seminars surrounded the main floor in the perimeter meeting rooms and covered many business topics from inventory maintenance and selection, meeting women shooter needs, membership and how we shop as Americans today. 

Monday night had a short cocktail social followed by an intimate and exclusive concert in the park with Country Music Star Travis Tritt, everyone that attended had a great time! 

Dennis enjoyed the vast topics of the learning conference and looks forward to bringing many of the ideas in to practice at P2K in the immediate future. 

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