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P2K NEWS - A Girl and A Gun Introduction to Shotgun

A Girl and A Gun Introduction to Shotgun

A Girl & A Gun hosted three Introduction to Shotgun Classes at P2K over a three-day period. The ladies in attendance were eager to learn and participate in clay target sports.

With a focus on safety and classroom session covering correct ammunition, target acquisition, clay game overview, shotgun differences and fundamentals, they were ready to smash targets.

Everyone had to break the rifle pistol aiming habits and see the target and shoot the target with a pointing technique. They did not disappoint and Judi W. (The Ringleader) did a great job with the experience mix in each class.

Susan V. in group one was a natural and destroyed targets to cheers from everyone. The support of all the participants in the class and the general group vibe was incredible.

Betriz P. brought her bird experience into clays with her beautiful Benelli and broke clays almost like a pro!

Ann T. operated her Beretta like a symphony conductor uses a baton and her harmony was in sync with breaking targets. Lots of targets!

All three nights were amazing and the focus of these ladies in marksmanship could not be denied. They were truly there to expand their shotgun game and improve!

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