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P2K EVENTS - Introduction to Handgun

New shooters are always welcome at P2K! This new course will help inexperienced and new shooters get a better understanding of using a handgun.

For starters, the differences between target and defensive models, revolvers and pistols, and the ability to make an educated decision if you purchase.

Safety with firearms and on the range is extensively covered and practiced during live fire.

Basic marksmanship with a handgun is clearly explained and used in practicum.

Shooters will understand fundamentals of a two handed grip, stance, trigger manipulation, sighting and target acquisition.

Basic loading and unloading will be covered and after the live fire exercise, fundamentals of firearm care and maintenance will be briefly explained.

This course has limited space and has a great instructor to student ratio.

Students must be over 21 years of age to attend. 18 year olds may participate with a guardian over 21 that is attending the course.

Call 619-442-9971 to reserve your seat.

Cost is $89 everything is provided.

Introduction to Handgun P2K
CALL US . 619-442-9971